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    Do you suffer from depression?

    Depression affects our relationships, work, physical health, the way we think, feel and behave. Depending on the person and the situation depression may have different causes, different forms and it may last different time.

    If you have lost pleasure in life, feel helpless and worthless and feel your low mood interferes with your functioning you may need professional help. Being depressed is more complex than just having a down mood; a lot of people with this condition have also anxiety, anger and sleep problems. You may have vulnerability for depression and have experienced a triggering situation that may have brought the depression on. Depression also may be secondary to a specific medical condition or sometimes without any clear connection to a stressful event.

    Depression has been known to human kind for thousands of years. It can affect anyone. If you would like to defeat it you are not alone. There are different ways to address and help depression. There are different cognitive, psychological, behavioral ways and different psychotherapy modes that are used to overcome depression. Medication may be used if necessary as well. Treating your depression will help you be more aware of yourself, change some of the negative ways of thinking, your negative emotions and your behaviors. On the long run your quality of life will improve and you will be empowered to bring positive changes in your life.

    There is hope, depression can be treated and help is available. Let us asses your situation and work with you so you can gain clarity in what is happening and recover from this highly correctable  condition.